What is Iaido

Iai-Do is the ancient Japanese art of drawing the sword and cutting in a single movement. It was created for the physical and mental discipline of the Samurai warrior.

This technique allowed them to head surprise attacks.

Later on when times became more peaceful, the rough image of the Iai-do was softened and complemented with spiritual and meditation aspects.

Iai-do is one of the most genuine and oldest martial arts of Japan. Its direct relationship with the samurai class makes it unique in the world of martial arts.

The goal of the practice is to attain perfection on physical, technical and spiritual level. As perfection is the aim, the way towards will be a long and difficult one.

Most of the time, Iai-do students practice well-defined exercises on their own (kata’).

The specific character of this martial art makes it accessible for all ages and gender, although certain maturity is needed to start serious practicing.

The secret of Iai-do is a calm and strong mind. It is said that the sword is like the mind, and if the sword is straight the mind must be alike.